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  • Phosphate removing filter media permanently removes phosphate
  • Non-toxic filter media lasts several months in typical aquariums
  • Great for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums

PhosBan is a synthetic ferric oxide hydroxide in a granular form ideally suited for use in aquarium filters. PhosBan's porous structure has a high surface area with many adsorption sites to bind large quantities of phosphate. PhosBan also adsorbs silicate, arsenic, and water staining organic compounds. Neither phosphate nor any other substances are release back into water, even after full saturation. PhosBan is safe to use continuously in freshwater and saltwater aquariums and ponds. To avoid problems that occur with phosphate accumulation, keep the phosphate concentration below 0.015 as P (0.046ppm as PO4³·). This target is achieved easily using PhosBan on a permanent basis. Use PhosBan immediately when setting up a new aquarium to ensure that phosphate concentrations never rise in the first place. With PhosBan, large fish populations can be maintained without phosphate accumulation. In reeg aquariums PhosBan maintains the low phosphate level needed to promote rapid growth in hard and soft corals.

PhosBan can be rinsed briefly before use, but since it is friable, do not stir the granules, which would pulverize them. PhosBan is best used without a media bag in an uplfow filter, such as Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor, and the flow must be reduced sufficiently to prevent the granules from tumbling, which would grind them into powder. An alternative is to put PhosBan in a thightly packed media bag or between two layers of fine filter floss in any kind of flow through filter or filter chamber so that water is directed through it diffusely.

Recommended Usage:
50g per 200L saltwater, 50g per 100L freshwater. PhosBan is safe and can be used at more than five times the recommended usage quantity, but at high dosages it can cause a drop in alkalinity. Monitor alkalinity and correct it if necessary with buffer or other alkalinity supplements. The useful life of PhosBan depends on the phosphate concentration in the aquarium. PhosBan can be effective for up to several months before it needs to be changed. Replace PhosBan when phosphate levels begin to rise.

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