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These black 3D Printed Bristleworm Resorts provide a safe, comfortable space for Bristleworm populations within the Aquarium. Bristle worm communities are invited to enjoy a journey through a dark maze via multiple entrance holes towards an enticing central cavity offering a fresh seafood smorgasbord  (we suggest raw prawn meat). 

Bristle worms are Polychaete worms which live primarily in the substrate and rock in . Polychaete worms (sometimes called Fire worms) have numerous spiney hairs called Chaetae which project and can be ejected from the sides of worm as a defence mechanism to irritate skin and soft tissue. This practice can not only irritate Aquarists skin and Aquarium fish but damage soft tissue of corals. LPS corals which reside on the substrate are particularly prone to Bristleworm harassment. 

Excessive Bristle worms can be manually removed from within the Resort with forceps and placed safely into your sump or refugium area or evicted completely. Resort also includes a snap shut lid. Population number of worms will delegate duration of required use. 

There are multiple sizes available ; each size corresponds to the size of Bristle worms targeted i.e. XS Resort is most useful for attracting baby Bristle worms. 

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