Sustainable Reefing

Owned and operated by two passionate Marine Biologists, each with also over 20 years professional Aquarium industry experience, Gallery Aquatica offers a unique boutique style Reefing experience for Marine hobbyists beginner to advanced.

Gallery Aquatica is a proud advocate of supporting sustainable reefing practices, promoting aqua cultured and propagated stock wherever possible. We specialise in sourcing premium ultra and export grade sustainably sourced Australian corals and fish. We enjoy system technical troubleshooting and advanced water chemistry. It is our priority to provide top quality products, service and advice.

Aqua-cultured coral strains grown in captivity are generally hardier, resilient, hitchhiker free and robust. We have always offered thousands of aqua-cultured coral frags for sale at any one time since we opened the store five years ago as our goal has always been to promote sustainable reefing practices since Day 1.

Additionally we offer the complete package of Aquarium design, setup, installation, maintenance and natural sea water delivery services operated under The Fish Guy.