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Tropical Spirulina Flake is designed for herbivorous and omnivorous fish covering most tropical, native and cichlid species delivering a good healthy diet as well as bringing out their natural colour.

Spirulina Flakes:

SPIRULINA FLAKES vegetable flakes with spirulina.

SPIRULINA FLAKES is a food in the form of flakes with spirulina (6%).

Intended for everyday feeding of herbivorous and omnivorous fish in freshwater and marine tanks, including popular Malawi cichlids of the mbuna group, rainbow fish, barbs, guppies, mollies and other live bearing fish.

Nutrients from spirulina ensure excellent condition of fish and regulate their digestive processes.

It's particularly important in case of herbivorous fish because their alimentary tract makes them more vulnerable to constipations and inflammatory disorders.

Therefore, creating their menu needs extra care and attention.

A high level of carotenoids from spirulina intensifies fish's colouration and positively affects their whole bodies by affecting numerous physiological processes and protecting the cells against free radicals.

This food is also available in different forms: Spirulina Granulat

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Complete food for ornamental fish.

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