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Tropical Carnivore Tablets 5mm Tablet Pellet Fish Food rich in Fish, Molluscs and vegetable protein. Designed for bottom feeders and larger high protein feeders.

CARNIVORE food for large carnivorous fish. High protein sinking granules for bottom feeding carnivorous fish.

High content of easily digestible protein shall meet the dietary demands of all catfish, demanding Potamotrygonidae, snakeheads etc.

CARNIVORE is a perfect dietary supplementation for omnivorous Loricariidae and an interesting feeding solution for large cichlids that feed at the bottom.

The lowered content of starch protects carnivorous fish against fatty degeneration of internal organs.

The granules do not disintegrate in water, retaining their structure for a long period of time.

This way they do not contaminate it or release any valuable nutrients. Additionally, beta-glucan enhances the immune system.

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Complete food for ornamental fish.

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