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Tropical Astacolour  is a colour enhancing Discus flake food rich in carotenoids and astaxanthin. This will help bring out the natural colour of your fish while providing a good diet.

ASTACOLOR intensively colour-enhancing flake food for discus.

Colour-enhancing flake food intended for everyday feeding of discus, especially red, and other fish whose colouration is to be intensified.

High dosage of natural carotenoids, including easily assimilable astaxanthin, enhances colouration. Visible improvement of colouration can be observed after about two weeks of intensive feeding.

Though ASTACOLOR contains only red carotenoids, the whole palette of colours gets intensified. In case of blue discus, frequent use of colour-enhancing foods will give them a gentle red hint.

Not only do natural carotenoids intensify coloration but also enhance the immune system, maturation, reproductive capability and general condition of fish.

Due to the fact that fish continuously use up carotenoids for various physiological processes, it is extremely necessary to provide fish with these compounds in their diet, as fish cannot synthesise them on their own.

This food is also available in different forms: AstaTabin, Tropical Discus Gran D-50 Plus

Complete food for ornamental fish.

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