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Flake foods are a popular staple diet for most tropical marine and freshwater fishes, as they should be. Dry foods are the most concentrated sources of the nutrition that fishes need to stay healthy, colorful, grow, and reproduce. However, many flake foods contain fillers that aren't so nutritious. Julian Sprung's SeaVeggies Flakes don't need a list of ingredients. They're seaweed, period. The vitamins they contain are put there by mother nature. The flavors are natural. They're made from chopped natural seaweeds, nothing else. No fillers, just pure natural dried seaweed in tasty little flake-sized bits that your herbivores will devour.


Julian Sprung's SeaVeggies Purple Seaweed (Porphyra umbilicalis) are super nutritious natural purple seaweed sheets. Ideal for marine herbivores such as Tangs and Surgeonfish, Moorish Idols, Parrotfish, Angelfish, large Butterflyfish, and herbivorous freshwater fishes, such as cichlids and goldfish. Sealed in foil packaging for freshness.



  • Whole wild plants
  • Rich in vitamins
  • Source of Trace Elements
  • For herbivorous marine and freshwater fish


Feed SeaVeggies Purple Seaweed daily as part of a balanced diet consisting of a variety of dry, frozen and live foods. Break off a plant approximately 3 inches long and secure it in the tank with Julian Sprung's SeaVeggies Clip. If there is any uneaten seaweed in the aquarium after a few hours, remove it. Store bag tightly closed in a cool dry area.


100% Dried Seaweed


Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Crude Protein min. 24.0%
  • Crude Fat min. 2.4%
  • Crude Fiber max. 2.7%
  • Moisture max. 16.0%

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