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Reef Revolution Bio Blast uses a combination of Nitrifying and Denitrifying bacteria. This means it is ideal for not only starting up new systems but also maintaining them.

Benefits of Pro-Bio Blast

Reef Revolution’s Pro-Bio Blast is a highly concentrated blend of nitrifying & denitrifying bacteria strains to maintain stability and quickly converts NH3>NO2-N02> NO3 then N03>Nitrogen Gas.

Best used as a daily probiotic to keep a healthy bacteria population and to promote stable parameters to avoid fish death and coral bleaching.

Suitable for all types of Marine Aquariums.

Pro Bio Blast is a 3 step solution.

Step 1:

Nitrifying bacteria Converts toxic ammonia into nitrite and then the least toxic form of nitrate.

Step 2:

Denitrifying bacteria converts nitrate into a gas form that can then be expelled from your tank reducing nitrate levels and sludge in general.

Step 3:

Pro-Biotic to keep bacteria healthy.

Pro-Bio Blast can be used to accelerate the cycling process on a new Aquarium

Pro-Bio Blast can be used for both Freshwater and Marine systems

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