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Aquasonic Paragone tablets aid in the control of most external fish parasites including Fish lice (argulus spp), Gill Flukes (Ergasilus spp) and Anchor worms (Lernea spp).


Directions for Use:

Not to be used on fish intended for human consumption. Fish rubbing and scratching on objects is indicative of parasitic infestations. Para-Gone tablets aid in the control of most external fish parasites including: Fish lice (Argulus spp), Skin & Gill Flakes (Ergasilus spp), and Anchor Worms (Lernaea spp) in fresh and saltwater aquariums. Does not aid in the treatment of bacterial and viral infections.


Do Not Overdose:

Do not treat marine invertebrates (shellfish & anemones). Remove from aquaria and wait 5 days after last treatment before returning to aquaria.
*Para-Gone treatment may adversely affect species of Plecostomus and Bristle Nose type catfish, as well as Metynnis (Silver Dollar type fish).


Dosage and Administration:

Use 1 tablet per 40 litres of aquarium water. For Fish Lice (Argulus spp) and Gill Flukes (Ergasilus spp) repeat the treatment after 7 days until all signs of parasitic infection are eradicated. During treatment it is advisable to keep the temperature of the aquarium water at 25C and to maintain the pH between 6 and 7. For Anchor Worms (Lernea spp) foloow the above treatment regime but repeat treatments at 5 day intervals until all adults are killed. A colder water 20C temperature allows treatment to be repeated at 12 day intervals.



High standards of aquarium management must be maintained to prevent disease, as fish diseases are often management related. Consult your veterinarian or aquarium dealer for accurate diagnosis and advice.

To calculate approximate tank capacity multiply length x width x water level height (in cm) and divide by 1,000 for litres.

Pre-dissolve tablets in a disposable cup before addition to aquarium water. Refer to disposal statemetn for cup after use. NOTE: A small residue of insoluble matter will be eveident after dissolving tablets. This residue is harmless to fish.

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