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Nano-Tech Anaerobic Blocks are the newest addition to Maxspect’s rapidly growing catalogue of medias for treatment of aquarium water. For thirty years we’ve seen a wide range of products come to market promising to offer anaerobic denitrification by simply creating a media with high surface area and a low degree of oxygenation but Maxspect’s Nano-Tech Anaerobic Blocks have a creative trick up their sleeve. 

The Maxspect denitrification kit consists of pairs of large blocks approximately four inches square and one inch thick, greatly resembling the Nano Tech Bio Blocks for aerobic nitrification but they are black due to a special coating which further encourages anaerobic conditions. Each pair of blocks is surrounded by a kind of rubber bumper to reduce water flowing through the blocks but the more creative feature which is sandwiched between these pairs of blocks. 

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