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PARwise is ITC Aquatics latest tool which ends the questions of what setting should my lights be on,whether that be brightness, colour (spectrum) or photoperiod.

PARwise empowers you to make the right decisions over your lighting settings and to share and discuss lighting in great depth with the reefing community, with accuracy–whether your organism is aquatic or not.

Perfect growth rates need three things: The correct wavelengths, the correct intensity of light and both of these for the correct amount of time. Light changes with depth and clarity so too does the requirements of plants and animals.

Unfortunately, the human eye is not particularly good at understanding light levels and colours! PARwise provides you with a simple to use light meter which will give you a deep understanding of your lighting and how to tune it to perfection.

Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom


1.WHAT IS IT!? – PARwise is a unique light meter with the ability to measure spectrum. It can be used underwater and has a special mode for us in air. Two light meters in one! It gives you all the relevant lighting measurements required to make informed decisions about your light settings and photoperiod.

2.WHAT IT MEASURES – PARwise measures ‘PAR’ (PPFD–Photosynthetic-Photon-Flux Density?Mol/m2/S, Kelvin (Colour temperature), LUX, Spectrum, DLI (Daily Light Integral), Peak Wavelength, Hue (as colour)

3.HOW IT WORKS – PARwise uses our proprietary, in-house made and designed optical engine, nestled underneath a user replaceable cosine corrector to evenly ‘read’ the spectral content and quantity of light that hits it. We then determine the results on-board within PARwise and send that over USB to your device to display. Our web based app automatically downloads to your device (Windows, macOS, Android) the first time you use it to give you full offline use. We include a free USB-C adaptor to fit into android smart phones, tablets and modern computers(Mac/PC) who don’t have a full size USB port. Connects to most things but sadly will not connect to an iOS device.

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