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EHEIM eXperience 350

For aquarium up to 350 Litres
Pump power: 1050lph
Pumping head approx: 2m
Filter Volume: 4.9L
Hose: 16/22mm
Height: 375mm
Width: 210mm
Depth: 210mm

With EHEIM eXperience you have the fundamental benefits of our top external filter generation. 

With its predecessor, the professional, range EHEIM launched the first ever external filter range with a square basic shape.
Benefits: space saver (because the filter fits into corners), high stability and large filter volume.

Additionally, this sturdy basic filter offers special advantages: for instance, a complete hose adapter unit with integrated shut-off taps, individually removable filter baskets with fold-away handles, very low energy consumption, very quiet running due to ceramic components and more besides.

eXperience comes completely equipped – including accessories and filter media.
You can start immediately.


Benefits of EHEIM eXperience

  • Very good, reliable external filter for aquariums up to 350 litres
  • Square basic shape for large filter volume and high stability
  • Detachable hose adapter with integrated shut-off taps and locking clamp as complete unit
  • Individually removable filter media containers with fold-away handles for easy handling and convenient full or intermediate cleaning
  • Low energy consumption (only 24W)
  • Extremely quiet running due to ceramic axle and sleeve

Complete with filter media (EHEIM MECH and SUBSTRATpro)
1 x coarse filter pad, 1 x fine filter pad and filter baskets

Accessories included:
spray bar, inlet pipe, outlet elbow, EHEIM quality hose, installation accessories

Square, practical, reliable, efficient and quiet

eXperience is the basic model of our top filter generation with a square basic shape.
Its shape allows it to be fitted into corners taking up less room.
Furthermore, it stands more stably and provides larger filter volume.

Rather than individual hose connectors, eXperience has a complete hose adapter unit with 2 integrated shut-off taps.
The adapter can be easily removed and safely replaced with the lever (locking clamp).
The shut-off taps can be adjusted individually to regulate the water throughflow.

The filter canister is equipped with practical filter baskets.
These have fold-away handles and can be easily removed for easy handling and convenient full or partial cleaning.

EHEIM High Performance Ceramics, that is components made of high quality ceramics (axles and sleeves of the impeller), ensure very quiet running, high resilience and extremely long service life.

At only 24Watt with a pump output of 1050l/h eXperience works very efficiently and has low energy consumption.

eXperience is completely equipped and ready to use.

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