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TRITON decided to take a new path and offer the aquarist all options while maintaining all the benefits of our revolutionary Core7. At the same time Triton have improved the other available systems using our science based knowledge accumulated over the past decade.  An example of this is the Core7 Flex “2 part” which is both more advanced and more affordable from the viewpoint of shipping costs (the box is smaller!)

TRITON the way you want!

One of the main problems with modern reef keeping is deciding on the supplementation system for your aquarium.

With so many options available it is difficult to decide what suits your aquarium best.  Most brands will choose one system of supplementation for their products:

  • One Part/Two Part/Three Part/Four Part.
  • Any form of Balling.
  • Calcium reactor…. etc.

With Triton Flex, you have the choice! 

Use Core7 Flex now to replace ANY supplementation method regardless of either 2 part, 3 part or 4 part dosing, to change between dosing systems without any negative effects on your aquarium, and to be more sustainable and run your aquarium in the most affordable way. 

Check out our Youtube channel Gallery Aquatica TV to watch Cam the Fish Guy detail all you need to know about Triton Core7 Flex! 

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