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The CO2 Mini Diffuser J by DOOA is perfectly suitable for small aquariums without cover and of great help when supplying the aquarium with the important plant-nutrient CO2. This is especially important in aquascapes and plant aquariums to ensure a good plant-growth.

For a great solubility of the CO2 in the water it is advisable to atomize the CO2 bubbles. This atomization is ensured by the membrane that is included in the CO2 Diffuser.

Especially in small aquariums, the inclusion of extra accessories can become more of a chore than pleasure, as they might disturb the desired layout. Not so when using the Mini Diffuser. The small design of glass is not just unobtrusive but also nice to look at. Noticeable with this version is the attachment by hanging the Diffuser over the edge of the aquarium, which prevents rims from suction cups.

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