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ClariSea fleece filters automatically remove particulates from your water that would normally turn into nitrates and phosphates. Perfect for reef aquariums, the SK-3000 Automatic Filter System will leave your tank with brilliantly clean water which will help increase your lighting penetration, reduce maintenance, and the best benefit of all, let you see your corals and fish with fewer particulates in the way. 

  • High volume filtration capacity
  • Minimal installation footprint
  • Completely replaces the need for filter socks 
  • Self-assembly for easy cleaning
  • Multiple installation options 
  • Automatic advance of dirty fleece 
  • Multi-function smart controller
  • End of roll audible alarm
  • Filter jam/float error/water depth alarm
  • Phosphate free fleece material
  • Special low-odor fleece material
  • Integrated fail-safe overflow 
  • Silencer plates for quiet operation
  • Water bypass system


By allowing the water from your aquariums overflow to drain into the ClariSea you can trap and effectively remove detritus and other foreign particulates from your water without having to ever change a filter sock again. Utilizing a sensor to know when the fleece is starting to clog, the ClariSea will automatically advance the fleece ahead allowing clean fleece to trap more particulates. Removing the old fleece rolls only takes a minute and will only need to be maintained once every couple of months, which may vary depending on your specific aquarium. 

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