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The TDS meter (Total Disolved Solids meter) from Chihiros measures the amount of dissolved solids (e.g. minerals, salts, metals) contained in the water via the electrical conductivity and the water temperature. This conductivity value makes it possible to determine the time of the water change more precisely through regular measurements. The substances in the aquarium water accumulate over a period of time depending on various factors, e.g. the nutrient consumption of water plants as well as water pollution through fish faeces. A high electrical conductivity, thereofre, indicates that either many unwanted and unused nutrients are dissovled or that toxic substances from water pollution are present. A quick water change is necessary, followed by a detailled analysis of the water's parameters.

In addition, a quickly lowering electrical conductivity indicates a lack of nutrients, which may be the case in very well planted tanks. Especially in those cases, the TDS-meter is a very helpful tool to monitor the overall condition of the aquarium.

For operation, the TDS-meter requires two 1,5 V Botton cells. These are not included in the scope of delivery.

  • Measuring device for electrical conductivity
  • Checking the aquarium water
  • Early warning system for water values
  • Batteries not included


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