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The CADE Reef S2 is our range of customisable rimless, sump filtered saltwater Aquariums designed specifically for the advanced reef aquarist.


The Reef S2 has been expertly crafted to enable the aquarist to build a truly personalised Reef Aquarium system without limitation. The Reef S2 combines functional design and unique sophistication to produce a system that both compliments contemporary home decor whilst fulfilling all of your Reef keeping requirements.


Designed in Australia, the CADE Reef S2 range represents the perfect foundation to build your Reef.



System Specifications



  • 1800x700x600 (LxWxH)
  • Capacity (Inhabitale): 648L / 171 gal
  • System Capacity (Total): 782L / 207 gal
  • 19mm Opti Clear Glass Tank
  • Open Top / Rimless Tank
  • Laser Etched Logo
  • Perfect Cut Silicone Edges
  • Highest Quality German Whacker Silicone
  • Double Laminated Black Glass Rear Panel
  • White Tank Base Panel
  • Concealed 'Twin Intake Weir' (Unique to CADE)
  • Super Fine Adjustable Sanking Gate Valve & Emergency Drain
  • Extra large 72.4L / 19.1 gal Gravity Fed ATO (Auto Top Off) System
  • Jump Net Cover (NEW)



  • 1800x700x900 (LxWxH)
  • 100% Waterproof Cabinet (Glass/Aluminum)
  • Chiller/Accessories Space
  • Chiller recommendation: TECO TK1000
  • Cable Management & Dosing Pump Shelf
  • Dedicated Controller Management (Right Side Door)
  • Sump Maintenance Access (Left Side Door)
  • Power 16x Plug Power Boards with on/off Switches
  • Adjustable Castor Feet for Cabinet Levelling
  • Hidden Adjustable Rust Proof Door Hinges
  • Hidden Magnetic Door Closers
  • Cabinet Supplied Assembled with Sump Installed



  • Newly Designed Glass Sump Filtration
  • Filter socks 4" (x4)
  • Macro Algae Chamber (Removable)
  • Media Baskets (x9) for Bio and Chemical Media
  • Pre Fabricated Screw Connect Plumbing (No silicone required)
  • Reactor Water Feeds (x2)
  • Chiller Water Feed (x1)
  • One Way Return Valve



Reef S2 Tank


The CADE Reef S2 Tank is a rimless open top design boasting super high clarity Opti-Clear glass with flat polished edges constructed using the highest quality German Whacker silicone. The CADE logo is laser etched within the front glass panel and serves as your guarantee of authenticity.


Silicone is precision applied producing perfect gaps and a razor sharp minimalist finish. All Reef S2 tanks measure 600mm high and 700mm wide with space split between 600mm of inhabitable tank width and the remaining 100mm allocated to the 'Backdrop Water Management System'. 


The Reef S2 utilizes space at the rear of the tank for a ‘multi-purpose water management system.’ This feature splits the rear and front of the tank via a glass panel positioned 10cm off the rear of the tank. This panel consists of 2x 5mm laminated glass panels with the black background colour embedded between the 2 sheets of glass ensuring there is no possibility of discoloration and minimising the risk of scratches.


The CADE Reef S2 'Weir' found on the left side of the 'multifunction water management system' is unique in that it offers both surface and low level water intakes enabling superior uptake of heavier suspended solids that fail to reach regular surface intakes on regular weirs. Having an extra weir intake also serves as an emergency back up should one intake become blocked by a carpet anemone for example making it an important safety feature of the system. 


Inside the weir water is delivered to the sump via 2 pipes, a main down flow pipe and an additional emergency overflow pipe which assists flow to the sump filter should the main pipe become blocked. The water intake system has been carefully designed to ensure it operate silently without further modification. The CADE Reef S2 also has the ability to choose between 2 water levels, a high and low level. To set the water height simply adjust the gate valve in the sump to allow flow through only the low level main down flow pipe (standard water level), or through both the low and high level down flow pipe to set it to the higher level. Alternatively the fine adjustment Gate Valve will also allow the user to adjust a water height at any height in between. This is a great option to have and is particularly handy for those that may want to add a wave maker to their system and require a lower water level in their Aquarium.


The Reef S2 weir is neatly concealed off with a flip top cover that has provisions for power cable management which keeps it all very neat and provides easy access for maintenance and cleaning. Tip: the weir on the Reef S2 is a great place to conceal the Aquarium heater.


The remainder of the 'multifunction water management system' is allocated to the extra large ATO reservoir an important feature that prevents the need for frequent refilling of evaporated Aquarium water. The ATO reservoir extends from the left side of the tank next to the weir across to the right edge of the tank. Plumbing from the ATO reservoir is plumbed directly down to the sump filter to a float valve mounted in the return pump chamber of the sump. A plastic flip cover in the right side corner provides access to the ATO for easy refilling and a water volume indicator on the side of the tank lets you know when your water level is low. The return flow plumbing is neatly hidden within the ATO Reservoir section of the tank. 


Finally a great new addition to the CADE Reef S2 is a pre painted white base glass making it perfect for aquarists that prefer a bare bottom reef or a thin layer of sand that is often pushed around exposing the base glass.


Reef Cabinet


CADE Reef S2 cabinets are 900mm tall and require no assembly whatsoever. We deliver them to you completely assembled (sump installed) within a solid plywood box. Simply open the box, position the cabinet, rest the tank on top and screw your plumbing together. It's that simple! 


CADE Cabinets are constructed using materials that are 100% waterproof. We are all aware that wood, metal and salt water do not equate to a durable hard wearing cabinet and because water spills are inevitable in our hobby we've constructed our cabinets using completely waterproof materials aluminum, glass and industrial plastic. These materials will never swell, rust or deteriorate. Even the magnetic door closes are hidden inside the framework to prevent them corroding. The cabinet colour is powder coated to the aluminum frame which provides a perfect hardwearing finish and is also unaffected by corrosive salt water. Rest assured that the CADE Reef S2 cabinet is designed to last you a lifetime.


The Reef S2 cabinet has both front and side doors with hinges and magnetic latches cleverly hidden within the frame work. The right side cabinet door accesses the Controller Management area with power on/off switches displayed for easy access. This area is specifically designed for mounting electrical controllers keeping them neat and safely away from salt water.


The Reef Series 2 models (PR2-900 and up) now include a Chiller / Accessories space on the right side of the cabinet on models PR2-900 and up. The 700mm depth provides enough space for both a chiller and other items such as dosing vessels etc. Above this an accessories shelf is also provided for items such as a dosing pump and this area also provides space to neatly manage power cables that connect to the internal plugs on the Power Distribution Unit. There are 8x plugs included on the PR2-600 and 16x plugs on PR2-900 through to PR2-1800.


The CADE Reef S2 cabinets left side door provides direct access to the sump for unrestricted accessability to the sump filter. This feature makes servicing the sump incredibly easy and is a huge asset to the S2 models and a unique feature to the CADE Reef S2 Aquarium. 


To protect the tank the cabinet also has a foam padding pre-installed to protect the tank and we've also added industrial grade adjustable caster feet for simplity when levelling out your Aquarium on uneven floors.


Filtration & Plumbing


CADE Reef S2 Sump filtration is a uniquely designed system that maximises space and provides endless versatility no matter what your filtration preferences are. Every model is equipped with pre-filtration sock/s a large Protein Skimmer / Reactor chamber, a Bio / Chemical Media Chamber and a Return Pump Chamber which also houses the ATO refill float valve that connects to the water storage reservoir in the rear of the tank. A very smart inclusion to the Reef S2 sumps are individually removable 10x10x20h (cm) media baskets which can be used for any form of Biological or Chemical filter media. Filter baskets offset the need for additional media reactors such as a Carbon Reactor which ultimately saves space and unnecessary additional expenses. A Macro Algae Refugium Chamber is included on models PR2-1200, PR2-1500 and PR2-1800. This feature is optional and the acrylic panel is removable if the space is required for alternative purposes. 


CADE Reef Plumbing is a pre-fabricated screw fit design that installs in minutes and requires no silicone. The plumbing starts in the weir with 2x down flow pipes (main drain & emergency). The main is fitted with a newly designed fine tuning gate valve for silencing the weir. The gate valve also enables adjustment of the Aquariums displays water height. Return flow to the Aquarium is via a 1" PVC pipe that is neatly concealed within the ATO reservoir chamber and feeds back into the tank via a directional adjustment outlet. The entire system is extremely neat and runs absolutely silently.


The CADE Reef S2 contain additional reactor and chiller water feed taps. Additional reactor feeds allow the aquarist to use the main pumps outflow pressure to feed reactors or a chiller in the system. The reactor feed outlet directions are completely adjustable via the screw fit connections.

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