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For the specific hardness increase of osmosis water, rain water and fully desalinated water. Specially designed for keeping and breeding shrimps from soft water biotopes such as Bee-, and Bumblebee shrimps and their cultivated forms. With all essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins that shrimps need for healthy, balanced growth, lush colours and proliferation joy.

Bee Salt creates water with a higher total hardness, but without carbonate hardness, as soft water shrimps are used to from their natural habitats. Simultaneously it enhances the efficiency of the filter bacteria and benefits plant growth. Quickly solvable and easy to use.

  • Creates ideal water conditions for the successfull keeping and breeding of soft water shrimps like f.e. Bee-Shrimps
  • Results in an light acerbic pH-value of pH 6,0-6,5
  • For balanced growth, health, vitality and good breeding results
  • Raises total hardness but not carbonate hardness
  • With essential vitamin c and vitamin b-complex
  • Biologically balanced calcium-magnesium-ratio
  • Creates best conditions for smooth moulting
  • Prolonges lifetime of soil, because no carbonate hardness
  • Quickly solvable and easy to use

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