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  • Fine substrate for small aquariums
  • Creates ideal conditions for shrimp
  • Very own filration effect through innovative features
  • Slightly reduces the pH value
  • Adsorbing ability on undesired soilings

Neo Soil Compact Shrimp Powder by AQUARIO is a special substrate especially for shrimp aquariums. The powder type of this soil with a grain size of 1 mm is much finer than its more coarse 3mm version giving the substrate a harmonious and natural appearance. Due to its finer structure, the Powder Soil is particularly suitable for the use in smaller aquariums and also simplifies the planting of aquatic plants.

Like the bigger version, the powder's focus is the support of shrimp viability, colouring as well as formation of the shell whilst keeping the high standards of a holistic nutrient supply for water plants. In addition, the beads are formed with very fine pores in their core which makes them act as a very own biological filter.

Neo Soil Compact Shrimp Powder consists of nutrient-rich soils of volcanic origin. It creates the perfect living conditions for shrimp and is also beneficial for the growth of aquatic plants. The soil contains humic acids originating from shrimp's natural habitats, which provide adult shrimp with an excellent water quality and increase the viability of baby shrimp.

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