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Aquarium heater, which precisely adjusts the heating power to the desired temperature of the water in the aquarium. Made of plastic, shatterproof housing guarantees safety of use in aquariums with turtles and large fish. The heater is available in 6 models, suitable for different sizes of aquariums. Caring for the vulnerable inhabitants of your aquarium
Small sizeEasy to use and maintainUndergoes computer-assisted testingElectronic, precise thermostatIntended for continuous operationBuilt-in thermal switchWater-resistant (IPX8)Perfect for aqua-terrariums


UltraHeater was created to ensure the thermal well-being of the most demanding species of aquarium animals. It is equipped with an extremely sensitive, electronic thermostat operating with a precision of +/- 0.5 °F [+/-  0.25 °C]. As  soon as the water temperature in the aquarium drops by the mentioned 0.5 °F [0.25 °C], the heater automatically starts working and increases the temperature of the water to the programmed one. Importantly, thanks to the Smart Heating system, the process of heating water runs smoothly, without sudden temperature jumps and without exposing sensitive aquarium inhabitants to stress.

UltraHeater has a wide temperature control from 68 °F to 91.4 °F [from 20 °C to 33 °C], which in addition to providing ideal breeding conditions, also allows   the treatment of many diseases of aquatic animals, such as  fish pox.


Each model meets strict European standards, thanks to which the heaters are 100% safe for both aquarium inhabitants and aquarists. An important element of the heater from the point of view of safety is the housing resistant to breakage and heating. Thanks to her, the device  will prove itself in breeding both sensitive armorers and rays, as  well as strong aquatic turtles.


ULTRA HEATER heaters are comfortable and easy to use, thanks to the One Touch system. To program the heater, just press the button and the LEDs will show us the current and programmed temperature.

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