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An easy to keep super bright soft coral which grows in spreading mats. This Ultra Green Star mat is in the genus Pachyclavularia, and is also called GSP (Green Star Polyp). The label Ultra refers to the intense bright tips on each of the tentacle polyps. It is often likened to grass in appearance due to its spreading growth habit. It benefits from regular doses of iodine (like many other soft corals). GSP does not possess stinging tentacles although it can sometimes be considered invasive and spreading. For this reason it is often reccomended to "islandise" GSP - grow it on its own rock, or even on the back wall of the tank. 

We have been growing and sharing this specific variant of star mat for almost a decade. It can change form a little depending on light and flow. When grown under intense white lighting it grows quite short tentacles and can even bleach out in the presence of ultra low nutrients. 

Frags sold and shipped are all genetically identicle captive grown clones of the pictured piece. 

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