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Various kinds of salt water aquariums adorn living rooms, company offices and restaurants. It is true that fish and beautiful corals bathed in crystal clear water create a breathtaking visual effect. The ornamental fish-keepers who look after these aquariums are deeply committed to them and lavish optimal conditions on those delicate and sometimes very demanding species in terms of water quality as well as nutritional quality. All foodstuffs intended for the denizens of salt water aquariums (fish, corals, invertebrates, etc.) must be attractive and their formulation must provide them with all of the nutrients necessary for their development. The A la Carte food range from Aquarium Systems offers such foodstuffs and contains algae intended for the fish and also includes granulated food as well as planktonic food.

The A La Carte algae range comprises a number of varieties of algae, all of which are selected and harvested according to a sustainable development charter with a view to protecting natural resources and the environment. The algae are harvested by a producer in Brittany on a Natura 2000 listed site, a guarantee of the quality of the water and, by extension, the quality of the algae. A La Carte algae are harvested largely by hand by seaweed gatherers on the foreshore at low tide. They are then shipped to the site, washed and dried within 24 hours, and then packaged.

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