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The ATO dosing pump from Reef Factory is a smart device designed to automatically replenish evaporated water in aquariums. This highly accurate device combines an ultra-precise pump with liquid level sensors. The ATO dosing pump senses when the water level drops and replenishes it, maintaining the desired salinity and stable factors.

The amount of water added is easily controlled with accurate data. With the Smart Reef app you can set an alarm to indicate how much water is left in the refill tank. In addition, Reef Factory's solution uses a metering pump, so it does not rust like traditional automatic top-up pumps.

Reef Factory is unique for their range of Smart devices made specifically for saltwater aquariums. The dosing pump ATO is one such device that is part of the Smart device family from Reef Factory. The pump has a control panel in the Smart Reef app, which allows you to remotely manage the device and view refill history. Alerts keep you informed of important events in the aquarium. The ATO dosing pump uses WiFi technology. This innovative solution from Reef Factory improves and revolutionizes evaporated water refilling. It offers precision, rust-free safety and the world's best Smart functionality!

Most important features:

  • Accurate water dosage – only 0.01 ml
  • Accurate statistics of the dosed water in the aquarium
  • Information and alarm for the capacity of the RO/DI water refill container
  • Silent operation
  • Durable hose for the dosing pump
  • Easy mounting on DIN rail
  • The pump is one of more than 20 Smart devices that Reef Factory offers, allowing you to build the largest system of devices in a single application.

All you need to operate the Smart device is the free Smart Reef application. You can install it on your mobile device (Android, iOS) or operate it via a web browser. Simply connect the device to your Smart Reef account and enjoy a host of intelligent features.

Smart features:

  • Manage the device remotely via the Smart Reef app
  • Dosed water statistics
  • Information about the tank and an alarm when the water level is low
  • Time-based mode – regular automatic dosing of the specified amount of water
  • Quick dosing operations and the ability to add an extra dose off schedule
  • Automatic top-up pause from the app
  • Smart notifications

Float switches:

The ATO dosing pump has reliable and easy-to-use float switches. This system ensures that marine enthusiasts can operate their aquarium without any problems. The lower float switches the water supply on or off, while the upper float warns of extremely high water levels in the sump or aquarium. The lower float switches the water supply on or off, while the upper float warns of an extremely high water level in the sump or aquarium.

Peristaltic pumps:

Dosing pump ATO works on the basis of completely new peristaltic pumps designed to meet the needs of seawater aquarists. Their main advantages are high precision, reliability and quiet operation.

Equipment mounting:

Reef Factory has made changes to the way equipment is stored in aquarium cabinets to better meet the needs of aquarists. With the latest devices from Reef Factory, a new mounting system based on a DIN rail has been implemented. This approach is very convenient and flexible, as it facilitates order in the closet.

Technical parameters

  • Dosage accuracy: +/- 0.01 ml
  • Number of dosing heads: 1
  • Durability of the dosing head: 1000 hours – see table above
  • Maximum water hose length: 2m
  • Noise level during use: 42 dB
  • WiFi communication: 2.4GHz b/g/n
  • Operating temperature: 20-30°C
  • Humidity: 0 to 95% RH
  • IP 21 sealing rating
  • Minimum dosing rate: 0.1 ml/min

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