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Red Sea ReefCan

The Red Sea ReefCan is an Auto Top Off reservoir designed to either fit in the cabinet alongside a sump or failing that, at the side of the cabinet on the outside. It will come in two sizes, a 40 liter/10.6-gallon volume, and an 18 liter/4.8 gallon, which measures 22” x 7” x 20” and 22” x 3.5” x 17” deep consecutively.


Features include a strong carry handle, transparent plastic so you can see the water level inside, a scale to show you how much water is left, and lids in the front and back. One for the ATO pump, pipe, and cable at the back and one at the front for topping off the top off. Red Sea recommends the ReefCan 18 to fit inside their Reefer G2+ 170 and 200 models and the ReefCan 40 to fit inside the cabinet of any of their larger models. ReefCan 18 will top off the average 200-litre tank for one week, whereas ReefCan 40 will top off a 500-litre tank for the same period.

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