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Aqua One's Focus range is the perfect all-in-one, beginner range of nano sized aquariums, available in 14L, 25L and 36L. The Focus aquarium includes LED lighting, a slimline filter and a modern looking glass aquarium, available in black or white to suit the aesthetic of your room.

The touch sensitive LED contains blue and white LEDs, which can be turned on and off with just a tap, and can be set to one of two channels, either a daytime light or a blue night light. LEDs are an energy efficient option and do not require replacement bulbs.

The filter is easy to maintain, simply rinse your sponge, replace the specially made carbon cartridges every 6-8 weeks and give the pump a clean out with a brush.

The glass lid fits seamlessly and is fully removable for easy access on maintenance day.
Nano aquariums very popular as beginner tanks and in small homes, such as apartments. Just add a heater (purchased separately) to your Focus aquarium and it is the perfect home for small tetras, bettas or shrimp. Aquascape your aquarium with live plants and driftwood to create a peaceful nature piece for your kitchen bench or living room. Suitable for tropical and cold water fish.

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