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Superior vitamin c complex for all marine fish and reef. It will also help with immune and tissue growth.

The Continuum advantage.

Bio Viv C vitamin complex provides essential vitamin C for growth and health of freshwater & marine fishes, live corals and other invertebrates.

It does not require refrigeration, but refrigeration after opening will prolong its shelf life significantly.

Bio Viv C contains no glycerin, polysorbates or sugars.

Vitamin C is associated with an improved immune system, improved tissue growth and overall vigour.

Use in aquarium keeping.

Fish, corals, and a variety of invertebrates acquire vitamins directly from the surrounding water, as well as from ingested food, so addition of Bio Viv C directly to the aquarium is beneficial to both.

When feeding fishes, consider adding Bio Viv M or F, as appropriate, multivitamin and Bio Viv HUFA along with this product to supply essential Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA as well.

Vitamin deficiencies can be responsible or a contributing cause for diseases in aquatic animals, just as in humans.

It is prudent for the hobbyist to pay close attention to the variety, and quality of foods for both fishes and invertebrates, and the addition of Bio Viv C will help make sure that your animals get the vitamin C that they need without overloading the aquarium with unwanted ingredients.

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