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What's included:
2 x aqua cultured jellyfish
LED light with remote control
Feeding pipette
Fine mesh net
Ceramic bio media
Filter sponge
Water pump
Cleaning sponge


Key Features:
The most critical aspect of any aquarium is the ability to provide stable water conditions. We have incorporated a filtration compartment that holds 30% additional water volume as your main tank and utilizes only the highest quality filtration elements.        
These include:           
Filter sponge - Housed in an easily accessible compartment and located immediately as water exits the aquarium, the filter sponge will ensure waste is efficiently removed from your system whilst also acting as a water polisher.

Ceramic bio media - Based on oceanic live rock and housed in an elevated compartment away from debris, ceramic bio media are a porous media capable of providing staggering amounts of surface area in comparison to outdated plastic bio media. This ceramic bio media becomes a critical home for beneficial bacteria, think of them as your invisible tank cleaners!   
Water pump - With its own designated compartment, the water pump has all the control required to provide the optimum flow to your jellyfish aquarium.

Chiller connections - The AquaX jellyfish aquarium includes built in fittings enabling you to quickly add a chiller, ensuring you always have stable temperatures in your aquarium

Remote controlled LED lighting system
Built right into the tank and accompanied by a remote control, you can change the colour of your tank and even select from a variety of beautiful colour modes to create your perfect scene.
Built in cable management
A hidden cable channel ensures you don't have unsightly cables effecting the aesthetics of your new jelly aquarium.

Aquarium Specifications
Volume - 18L
Pump - 150L/hr
Lighting - RGB LED with RF remote control
Dimensions - 35cm (H) x 40cm (W) x 20cm (D)
High density filter mat
Ceramic bio media
Built in chiller connections




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